Security World

Security World is a store that opened in 2022 and is intended to sell clothing, footwear and accessories for the Armed Forces, PSP, GNR, Firefighters, Security, Prison Guard, hunting and fishing enthusiasts, among others. The sale of these products began in the physical store, located in Aveiro, and soon there was a need to open the store online as well.


Chitas accepted the challenge to build the site incorporating an e-commerce mode that would allow the sale of products online. When shopping in the online store it is possible to see the different categories and filters that are available for the consumer to find the products they want in a simple and efficient way.

  • Strategy

    Web Development, UI/UX

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, Creative Direction

  • Client

    Security World

  • Platform


Open Project

Create an intuitive platform to effectively sell your Military products

Security World sells through its physical store located in the Aveiro region and online. To manage these online sales, it was necessary to create an ecommerce solution that met the specific needs for this very purpose.

Through a simple and intuitive design, the customer should be able to purchase your products as simply as possible, while also ensuring the security of your payment and personal data.

Our Solution

An experience
for all devices

Based on the WordPress platform, we installed an eCommerce solution with full integration to sell your recipe ebooks online, sell your Military Products, all through an integrated platform with the ability to manage orders and all automated invoicing delivered directly to customers.

SECURITYWORLD mini iphone1
SECURITYWORLD mini iphone2
SECURITYWORLD mini iphone3
The Team

Those responsible
for this project

Project Management

— Bernardo Chitas
Project and Client Management

Web Development

— Sandro Sousa
Mobile & web developer


— Daniela Pinto

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