7 reasons to start a blog?

Whether you are an expert in a particular field, an artist or a business owner, having a blog is the most efficient way to “spread the message”.
Blogs are getting more and more popular everyday and everyday they become a very powerful tool to reach more and more people and influence by promoting yourself or your business.

Today we present some ideas why I think you should start a blog, both from a personal perspective and from the point of view of boosting business.

1. A space for sharing and bonding
Writing a blog about a particular subject involves sharing ideas from the blogger to the reader. Often, the reader who identifies or not with what he has read, comments, expresses his opinion, getting involved with the reader and, consequently, with the community created by the blog.
My sister has a blog about her academic and engaging career in her naval pilotage course, seagirl.pt (which I also invite you to visit), where she writes about topics related to the area and where several personalities linked to the sea share opinions and information on this topic.

2. Help others with your blog
Are you an expert in a certain area? Why not share your knowledge with the community and establish yourself as an authority on the subject?
All matters take years and years to develop. Helping the community avoid the same mistakes you made can bring meaning to many people.

3. Express your opinion
Everyone has something to say about a certain subject. Having a blog is the right place to get your opinion out there.
You can use your blog to talk about politics, history, religion, science, hobbies… literally anything that comes to mind.

4. Make a difference
Many blogs are limited to sharing content from other blogs, presenting identical content or articles with little interest. You might even think you can do better. Why not prove that you really can by creating your own space for reflection and sharing?

5. Grow your business
The business world is increasingly competitive. Channeling potential customers to view your Facebook page or even visit your website tends to be more complicated without a blog. A blog allows you to be a central point of sharing on social networks. It is also loaded with keywords for search engines.
Give potential customers tips on what your business can do for them. Present the latest news from your company. Share an event. Having one on your company’s website is essential these days.

6. Monetize
I’ve talked on this blog before about ways to monetize your blog. Turns out it’s a great way to turn your passion into extra income.
It’s important to know that most bloggers don’t make a lot of money with their blogs but if your content is good and unique it can have great potential to generate income.

7. Have fun and be creative
The overwhelming majority of people start a blog just for fun. A hobby that can easily become an addiction but that at the end of the day makes us a better person.
The main key to success is to be written with passion. Are you ready to demonstrate yours?

We have everything you need to start your blog. Talk to us and we will find the solution tailored to your ambition

Bernardo Chitas
Bernardo Chitas