Manuel & Cardoso, being a company in the stone and derivatives industry that operates in several national and international markets, needs an online presence that guarantees its visibility to generate new leads and consequently generate new business.

Manuel & Cardoso
Contracted services:
Website Development, implementation of systems, hosting


We were challenged to create a solution to implement a system that would facilitate the introduction of content on the Manuel & Cardoso company website. It would be the customer’s convenience that this content could be easily implemented by their own marketing department. The content to be inserted would be mostly a blog and the introduction of projects in the portfolio.

An evaluation was carried out on the previously hired solution to verify existing points that could be improved or used in a new solution.

In this solution, a good content structure was found that could serve as the basis for the new solution. However, this presented some inefficiencies regarding the availability of certain information that we consider imperative to be permanently listed as the services provided.

The biggest deficiency found in the previous solution was undoubtedly the non-responsive design, which prevented the website content from being correctly viewed on mobile devices.

The previous solution lacked more advanced solutions for the analytical analysis of website traffic, which constituted a major obstacle in collecting feedback on the operation of the website.


WordPress platform was chosen to implement this project. For being the most powerful CMS system on the market and for having the necessary extensions to present the website content in an intuitive and aesthetically appealing way.

This platform also allows the customer to update the blog and insert content in their portfolio.

A portfolio separated by construction categories, a catalog of the materials the company works with and PDF catalogs that users of the site can see as if they were reading the pages of a book has been integrated.

A multilingual plugin was installed to be able to respond to Manuel & Cardoso’s international needs.

To meet the needs of traffic analysis, SEO and analytics improvement platforms like Google Analytics and Hotjar were installed for the Marketing department to be able to produce content and make the necessary changes in order to improve the customer experience.


A magnificent website with a responsive design and worthy of the quality of materials with which this company works. In close partnership with the marketing department of Manuel & Cardoso we could not be prouder of the result obtained. The customer knows that he can count on CHITAS WEBSOLUTIONS because we always provide continuous support with the perspective of improving the digital presence of his business.