Bárbara Oliveira is a Nutritionist. Demonstrates an extraordinary passion and love for her work. This is vastly noticeable by the care and quality it shows on social networks, where she shares her national and international challenges. It is impossible to remain indifferent to her work!

Bárbara Oliveira
Health and wellness
Contracted services:
Migration.Website, Design and Hosting


This being the second website that CHITAS WEBSOLUTIONS develops for Bárbara Oliveira Nutricionista, the challenge of overcoming ourselves has raised the bar of the challenge. We believe that there is always room for improvement, so the challenge of creating a more personal page and more geared towards making Bárbara’s services available and attracting leads was what we were challenged to create.


We chose to keep the base on the wordpress platform, not only because it is the most powerful and appropriate solution but also because the previous solution was already integrated on this platform. We migrated all content, articles, images and created new pages that made more sense to the current solution.

We updated the redirects and maintained some of the permanent link structure so that the existing indexing was not affected, avoiding damaging the SEO configuration as much as possible.

We integrated a new BMI calculator more advanced than the previous solution and added more CTAs (Call to Action) to create some dynamic of navigation between several pages.


This project resulted in an improved, lighter, more intuitive website than the one we had designed in previous years. Very dynamic, lighter and therefore faster, with all the necessary integrations to obtain more leads and, consequently, more business for the client.

Thank you Bárbara for the trust you placed in us.