Axion Condomínios

Axion Condomínios is a company that provides administrative services, financial/accounting services, legal advice, insurance mediation and maintenance, suppliers, and partnerships. The goal of this company is for its customers to enjoy their time better without having to worry about issues that they are often not ready to resolve due to lack of information.


Axion Condomínios' website is an institutional site, where the main goal is to present all the services that the business can offer and establish contact with new customers. This requires a request for quote form for administration where people put their information to be contacted by Axion.

  • Strategy

    Web Development, UI/UX

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, Creative Direction

  • Client

    Consultas Nutrição Team

  • Platform


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Our Solution

An experience
for all devices

Based on the WordPress platform, we installed an eCommerce solution with full integration to sell your recipe ebooks online, sell your Digital Consultations and Courses, all this through an integrated platform with the ability to manage orders, manage appointments, and all automated invoicing delivered directly to customers.

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The Team

Those responsible
for this project

Project Management

— Bernardo Chitas
Project and Client Management

Web Development

— Sandro Sousa
Mobile & web developer

Creative Direction

— Margarida Pignatelli


— Daniela Pinto

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