The importance of being creative for a successful business

When we talk about the success pillars of any business, it is common to think of effort, dedication, good marketing strategies and the quality of the services/products in question. However, despite its undeniable importance, it is rare to associate creativity with the triumphs of a company. Thus, many end up forgetting this key factor, without which it is impossible to stand out from the competition or continue to innovate.


The arrival of Covid-19 served as a wake-up call for many businesses, which, upon seeing their doors closed, realized that investing in creativity would be the answer. The truth is that the uncertainty of the present and the near future requires changes for the business to remain relevant. Creativity thus emerges as an essential tool to explore new opportunities and combat adversity. If you find a way to enhance creativity in your business, you will surely succeed, even in difficult and discouraging times.

How can creativity help a business?

Being creative means “thinking outside the box”, taking risks and innovating. Creativity stimulates our imagination in an unbelievable way, which results in truly impressive feats. Also, creative thinking leads to different approaches when it comes to problem solving, which at a time like this is crucial. Below, we present some advantages that creativity can offer to a business:


1. Allows you to distinguish a business from the competition

It is the creative ideas that allow a company to differentiate itself from others. Without creativity and innovation, all businesses would follow the same trends, techniques and methods, which would not be advantageous for them or for customers. Furthermore, we live in an era of constant change and growing needs, so it is important to find creative ways to respond to all of them.


2. Stimulates team collaboration

By implementing creativity, you are opening the door for employees from all different departments to come together as a team, increasing engagement and interaction in the workplace. When employees are able to work as a cohesive team, results come faster.

In addition, this union of ideas allows us to attract even more employees and still maintain an energetic and positive work environment. Working together motivates people to look for more options, ideas and solutions to a given problem. Thus, creativity emerges as a great ally to stimulate collaboration between your work team.


3. Increases productivity

Following what was mentioned in the previous point, creativity stimulates cooperation in a team. As a result, employees are more motivated and actively participate in the process of creating and implementing different ideas. As we all know, any employee likes to feel included, encouraged and stimulated in their workplace.

Thus, through creativity, employees feel happier and professionally fulfilled, and as is well known, satisfied employees generate positive results. Increased productivity thus emerges as yet another benefit associated with the adoption of creative thinking within a business.


4. Enables innovation

Thinking creatively involves taking risks and exploring hitherto undeveloped ideas or methods. Typically, companies “stick” to the techniques that work and tend to repeat them over and over again. However, any given strategy is not guaranteed to work under all circumstances or times. It is necessary to innovate, not only to obtain new and possibly better results, but also to surprise the public.

By betting on creativity to implement different marketing strategies, for example, you will be telling your audience that you have the capacity to explore something original. Do not depend on old techniques that worked in the past, because as already mentioned, we live in an era in constant change.


5. It helps to face and solve problems

Whether it is a financial or customer service problem, for example, unforeseen and unwanted situations will always arise to be resolved. By using your creative thinking skills, you will have a wider and more original range of options to come up with an effective solution. Creativity thus emerges as a great tool that, when developed regularly, allows for quick and innovative thinking. In the business world, this is exactly what is expected of a team of professionals – the ability to act promptly and effectively.




The idea that creativity is only for artists is outdated, and in fact, fallacious. Anyone can benefit from creative thinking in any professional field, as the advantages are countless. We hope these tips have helped!

Catarina Fonseca
Catarina Fonseca

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