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Much is said about digital marketing, but what are, after all, the main tools and solutions you can use in your business?



Websites are the “home” of your business on the internet. It should contain all the information about your company that a customer may need. Do not forget that for those who do not know and seek services like yours, this is also your business card – it will be the first impression they will have of themselves. It is crucial that your website inspires confidence, be intuitive and is optimized for use on various devices such as computer, tablet and smartphone.

SEO – Search engine optimization

SEO (or search engines optimization) refers to the planning and implementation of strategies in order to optimize their position on search engines. Knowing that most people, when searching a certain topic, will not pass the first page of the search engine, there is a ranking, which puts the most relevant links on top. Your goal is to be exceptionally well placed so that your page is visited by more users.


E -commerce is the purchase and sale of services and products (physical or digital) online. This can be a huge advantage for your business as it allows you, and your customers to make transactions without distances or times as embarrassment. An online store can be a great success factor for your business, using a platform with all the tools you need to make payments and ensure the safety of both parties.

Social Media

The presence on social networks is critical to your business, as it allows a great reach and a close relationship with the public. However, mere presence is not sufficient, it is essential to create quality content so that your target audience wants to follow you and interact with you. Communication strategies must be thought of according to each network and each public segment.


Email Marketing

This is the way to communicate with the people who provided you with your email address and authorized it to contact them by that way. For this and other reasons, it is an effective strategy for customer conversion.

The first step for a good digital marketing strategy is to create a contact list – there are several ways to persuade users to sign up for your mailing list. Then it is necessary that there is a value in the email, so that it stands out and is opened by those who receive it. The ultimate goal is that people who started to sign up for the mailing list out of curiosity or some product they offered to them are converted to customers.


Apps (software applications)

Considering the time we spent today to the mobile phone, having a solid presence in this screen can be a differentiating factor in your business. Being a direct channel for the consumer, an app can improve the quality of your service, offer a personalized use experience and promote the loyalty of your clientele. An app should offer a solution to a problem (access to the service in question, for example) or an experience other than possible.


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Carlota Pignatelli Garcia
Carlota Pignatelli Garcia

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