Make your business stand out

Standing out in your business seems like Mission Impossible!

It is estimated that, on a daily basis, we are “bombarded” with around 3 thousand advertising messages from all types of media. Either on the radio, or in that news pop-up, or at the bottom of the weather app. This means that, to be seen, it is necessary to obtain a high profile.

Communicating has never been so easy. It’s also never been harder to be heard.

Being the shadow of your competitors is one of the most important challenges a business has to face. The strategy of “just copying” what the other is doing is no longer enough.

If the objective is to communicate your product or service to the greatest number of potential customers, doing it online is the mandatory way to do it.
There are many ways to make your business stand out. Depending on your strategy there are different methods. Of these methods, we highlight those that vary between social networks, influencers, advertising services or websites.

Social media

Social networks are here to stay. There are specific differences between them. Facebook, being the best known of all, has the great advantage of easy sharing between profiles and business pages, integration with different advertising, promotion and analytics systems. However, Instagram is the social network of the moment that challenges users’ creativity to create prominence among images, references and #hashtags. Having a constant publication schedule on these social networks aligned with a good marketing strategy can bring very interesting results.


Another type of highlighting method that is very fashionable. In the past, they were best known as ambassadors for a product or brand. Today, someone who manages to captivate crowds through one or several communication channels is a very powerful tool in promoting anything. Detetar ligações que façam sentido entre o seu negócio e um influencer pode ajudar na promoção do mesmo.

Advertising Services

If you have a Facebook page for your business or are used to searching on search engines, you have certainly come across certain publications or searches with the term “promoted” under the title. These services put at your disposal systems that use advanced algorithms that use statistical data to promote your product or service. There are several strategies to adopt in the use of this service for different budgets. It is an excellent solution to reach a greater number of potential customers.


Having a website nowadays is essential to ensure the trust of your customers. It works like the fixed number of other times. It’s the only online way to centralize your content and have control over it. There are several ways to create a website. It’s never been easier to create one. Not all ways of doing this have the same advantages. You should take into account the visibility, functionality, integrations, cost and return on that investment. Directing potential customers to your website requires a technique that, depending on the cases, may take some time to obtain but, once obtained, it’s like riding a bicycle.

Your content

Abuse the colors, create contrasts, don’t create contrasts. There is no foolproof recipe. Each case is different. The secret is to find the ideal strategy for your business and create a consistent image. Believe it will bring new opportunities to your business.

It’s all about experience

The experience that the potential customer has when purchasing your product or service is what most motivates him to acquire it. Knowing this, you should leverage an experience in your business that your customers want to use and abuse!

Need help?

CHITAS WEBSOLUTIONS has a wide range of services that help to boost the reach of your business and improve your digital presence. Get in touch with us and we’ll see how we can help make your business stand out!

Bernardo Chitas
Bernardo Chitas

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