How to build your brand awareness?

Creating brand awareness is one of the most effective tools in marketing and offers numerous advantages to companies. In this article, we introduce you to this concept and its importance so that you can then implement this strategy successfully.



What is brand awareness? 


Brand awareness represents how familiar your target audience is with your brand and how easily they recognize it, whether from your logo, your original products or services, or your complete branding, for example.


Brand awareness can be seen as the first phase of the marketing funnel. The public remembers your brand and therefore visits your website to see the products and services available, as well as the corresponding prices. Once you have potential customers on your website, it becomes easier to convert them into sales.


To many, this may seem like a vague concept and an inappropriate metric to define the success of a brand and its efforts. However, creating brand awareness has numerous advantages, as you will see below.



How important is brand awareness?


Building brand awareness is important because, first and foremost, it helps the public understand and remember your brand. So whenever your target audience is interested in making a purchase, your products or services will quickly pop into their minds, and the chances of converting the visitor into a customer increase.


In addition, brand awareness allows for the creation of a trusting relationship between the brand and the customers. Once a customer relates to your brand, they will more easily make a purchase, which can ultimately foster customer trust and loyalty.


Another advantage of brand awareness is that it allows you to create brand value. First of all, brand value can be described as the experiences and perceptions that customers have about your brand. In other words, the more positive the customers’ experience and perception of your brand, the greater the value of your brand. But brand value is only created through brand awareness. Once a customer knows a brand, he begins to recognize it without external help and to look for it to make his purchases. Over time, they come to prefer that brand over others, thus establishing a loyal relationship with it and consequently increasing its value.



How to build brand awareness?


Now that you are familiar with the concept and importance of brand awareness, it is time to learn how to take advantage of this idea and implement it in your business. The following are some tips for building brand awareness:


  1. Tell a story

Storytelling is a very powerful marketing tool, as it allows the audience to know and relate to a brand’s story and values. Creating a narrative allows you to humanize your brand and give it a certain level of depth. Once customers identify with what you believe in, they are more likely to make a purchase and become loyal to the products/services in question.


What should be the theme of your narrative? Anything that you think is relevant and true. You can tell the story of the brand founder and his journey to success, you can share stories about how each product was born or the values that dictate the creation and message of each product or service. The more detailed and relevant to the target audience your story is, the more easily they will remember your brand.


  1. Bet on social networks

A big part of creating brand awareness is reaching the audience we want, and introducing them to our brand. In the age we live in, social media is the obvious tool to apply this goal to reality. Create an effective social media strategy from which you ensure that you consistently post to your feed and stories. Introduce your products/services, the history of your company, the faces behind the whole organization of it, etc. Share with your audience as much as you can and in the way that best conveys your brand’s personality.


  1. Sell beyond your products/services

In such a competitive world, in which it is increasingly difficult to stand out from the competition, it is necessary to focus on the factors that make us unique. If you want your brand to be recognized by your target audience effectively, you must focus on selling not only your products/services, but also a personality.


Choose the features that allow you to define your brand. To do so, try to humanize it: could we say that your brand is young, creative, sustainable and energetic? Or is your brand better characterized by adjectives like elegant, adult, sophisticated, and serious? Decide how best to customize your brand and focus on those features to sell it.


  1. Make sharing easy

In order to build brand awareness and make more and more people aware of your brand, it is extremely important to create shareable content, such as blog posts, social media posts, videos, graphics, or product pages. Word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective marketing strategy, as it enables a relationship of trust and familiarity to be established among customers. After all, we are more easily inclined to buy a product when we see a friend or family member recommending it. So make your content shareable to increase your brand’s reach.



Building brand awareness is, without a doubt, a great strategy to maximize your brand’s reach, foster a loyal relationship with your customers, and consequently increase your sales.

Catarina Fonseca
Catarina Fonseca

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