E-Commerce Strategies for Different Types of Business

In the current Digital Age, people are increasingly looking to make their purchases in comfort
from their home, via the Internet, to the detriment of going to the shops.

In this sense, the E-Commerce industry has been growing gradually in recent years.
and, as a company, you have to keep up with this trend if you want your business to
stay relevant and competitive.

Taking into account three business models that have proliferated within E-Commerce – fashion,
technology, services – we share with you some key points to take into account in the
development of your E-Commerce strategy.



1. Social Networks

Nowadays, having just one website is practically useless. With social networks
dominating the digital world, people want to interact with their favorite companies from
new ways.

Betting on social networks, such as Instagram and Pinterest, allows your company to be
where your potential customers are and interact with them in a creative way. not only
manages to expose its products through visual content, as well as
manages to collect relevant information about the tastes and consumption habits of its

Social networks also allow partnerships with Fashion and Lifestyle Influencers, who have
a closer relationship with the people who follow them, and the integration of
Shopify platform in your strategy, which allows you a more direct way to sell
your products.

2. Mobile Optimization

Smartphones have evolved in such a way that nowadays they serve more as
productivity or media consumption. As such, people are increasingly using mobile phones.
in your day-to-day life and this is guaranteed to positively affect E-Commerce in the coming

It is essential that your website is optimized for all types of devices, from computers
to tablet and cell phone. Navigation must be equally simple and fluid in all types of
devices. Mainly if you want to use your social networks as a bridge to access the
your site.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Applicable to any business model, without a doubt, SEO requires special attention
in business models with a high offer in the market, fashion being one of these models.

SEO is not just important for big name companies and should be a big part of
of your E-Commerce strategy. By optimizing your website for SEO, you ensure that your
customers can actually find your site.

It is imperative to ensure that your pages use the right keyword and include the right content.
sure to appear at the top of search results.


Technology for your eCommerce

1. Consumer Generated Content (CGC)

The idea of Consumer Generated Content is simple: consumers post
content about your product or brand, through blogs and social networks. It’s
called word-of-mouth marketing in the digital age.

The content is organically generated and based on a positive experience or
negative. Nevertheless, CGC can help you get more leads to your website and,
therefore boost your sales.

Some ways to boost this type of content are through competitions to encourage
users to show their product, ask about opportunities for improvement, or sign
hashtags that your customers can use when sharing your images.

2. Detailed Product Description

A product description is the closest a consumer can get to the experience of a product.
use. Bearing in mind that technology products contain more and more
functionalities, the descriptions must be easy to interpret and list the main
characteristics that will bring value to the consumer when using it.

It is crucial that these descriptions are accompanied by high quality photographs and various
angles. The visual experience can be key to closing the sale.

Do not forget that the descriptions also serve to work on the SEO of the site. Make sure
that page titles, headers, and alt text for images include the
desired keywords.

3. Reviews

When people buy products in a store they have the opportunity to see the product in the
first person. When buying online, the only thing available is the photos and description.
It is in this sense that reviews gain importance at the time of purchase.

In addition to the reviews written by your customers, which must be enabled on your website,
there are also reviews made by Technology Influencers who, like the Influencers
of Fashion and Lifestyle, have a group of followers who respect their opinion.

Reviews help people to make a decision when buying, so they shouldn’t
never be neglected, but encouraged and even sponsored.



1. Fast checkout

Although many services sold online do not translate into sales of physical products, this
does not invalidate that the purchase process should be easy.

One of the biggest challenges in E-Commerce is abandoned carts. If people
have to go through many steps before entering payment information, the most
sure is that they give up the purchase.

Offer an automatic registration option using social networks, for a more
convenient and form-free, let customers see what
is in the cart and make last-minute changes easy.

Keep it simple and you will find that the sales volume will be much higher than the
percentage of abandoned carts.

2. Feedback

Companies tend to fail in their E-Commerce strategy when they don’t listen to feedback
of users. This feedback does not necessarily have to be a review about the service.
contracted, it may just be a question about the purchase process itself.

When using your site, consumers have an experience that can be positive or negative.
Don’t waste consumers’ experience and their suggestions for your business.

Watch out for feedback trends that may indicate an area for

3. Customer Service

Unfortunately, Customer Experience is rapidly fading in the Internet age. Now,
people interact more with the screen than directly with other people.

Try to prioritize keeping contact lines open to your customers. Create a
customer service plan, with live chat support or quick contact methods
that bridge the gaps between your business and customers.

The Customer Experience and After-sales Service must not be neglected at all, as in the
In a moment of doubt, people seek direct contact with other people in order to
feel properly informed.


E-Commerce is an incredible opportunity for companies to boost their sales,
but the size of the market creates a lot of competition and a lot of opportunity to make mistakes.

If you are starting your search in the digital world, the overwhelming choice that consumers
have at your disposal is enough to freeze your efforts on the long
road ahead.

You’ll have to work smart if you want your E-Commerce strategy to succeed.
succeeded. However, while there are no pre-made rules for success, if you follow
these tips that we suggest and that can be adapted to any business model,
guaranteed to be one step ahead of the competition.

Daniel Silva
Daniel Silva

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