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The opportunities that Digitization offers are now widely known and, as a result, more and more businesses are going online. This is why you need a strategy that will create prominence for your business, that will define an ideal customer to leverage the full potential of your business. At CHITAS, we support our customers in this transformation that will not only generate more business, but better business.

Being online is the Business Opportunity you don’t want to miss

Having a business these days can be both exciting and stressful. From dealing with a completely bureaucratic world to the increasing complexity of the demands being placed on all of us can create some constraint on our ability to grow the business we have worked so hard to maintain.

Increasing the reach of your business through digitization means leveraging potential that was not being used profitably and scalably. There are investments in digital for all businesses and for all values. It is important to outline an appropriate strategy for the business so that this investment is optimized.

Grow a community around your product or service

When our product or service meets the needs of the market, it is never for a single individual or specific case (neither are our tailor-made services) otherwise it wouldn’t be a business. There are probably several individuals or companies looking for the same or similar solutions.

This is one of the advantages of creating a community of customers, stakeholders or partners around your business area.


By creating a community you are not only creating a way to get more reach and interaction, but also building relationships with your customers and suppliers. This allows you to learn more about their problems, possible flaws in your product, or ways to create a faster and more effective response to them, thus improving your effectiveness at the time of sale.

Distinguish yourself from the competition and win new customers

Is your competition in digital? You probably are, and your business should be too. As we never tire of saying, investing in digital is a whole World of different possibilities, approaches, strategies, just as all businesses are different from each other.

“And how can I make a difference from my competition?”

That’s where, in the CHITAS team and in the relentless will to innovate, we approach each business with creativity and talent, enriched with the most advanced working tools to outline an investment plan that will raise the capacity of your business against the competition.

Some examples that can make your business stand out from the competition:

  • Better technical support through better User Experience (UX);
  • Offering customized products and services based on customer profiles;
  • Customer loyalty mechanisms such as discount coupons or other offers;
  • Referral bonus;
  • Interaction with customers on social networks,
  • etc…

Knowing your customer better is the first step to better business

Does your customer really like your product or service? Did you have any doubts about choosing you? Do you have any suggestions for improvement?

These are questions that we as business owners ask ourselves and well when it comes to improving the quality and service of what we have to offer.

Having access to this feedback is essential to our continuous improvement process. It is also this process that allows us to close deals more efficiently and with a higher satisfaction rate.

Through communication strategies that ensure the involvement of our customers in our business, we are able to obtain this precious information that, well interpreted, generates essential data so that we can make the best choices in our business.

What more advantages do I have by knowing my client better?

They ask well because there are more advantages. By knowing our customer better, not only are we getting data about the experience in our service, but we can also reduce inefficiencies in our business that may be representing an unnecessary cost in our production process.

And how does all this generate better business?

How nice it is to be an entrepreneur or responsible for some kind of business or service and feel that we do our part to solve a problem, isn’t it? Our customers also feel it when they are listened to and enjoy participating in the construction and development of our business. This is also a loyalty tactic. Remember that a loyal customer claims for better instead of going to the competition.


We all want our business to succeed, and this is related not only to the satisfaction of our customers, but also to the amount of business generated so that it remains viable.

It is also true that good businesses are those that occur when a symbiosis is established and a win-win situation is created, and this is totally desirable. At CHITAS we look for favorable situations to create these solutions that make business more efficient, with better quality, and that attract more and better business. Lets grow together?

Bernardo Chitas
Bernardo Chitas

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