5 reasons to have an online store

Nowadays, not having a digital presence is almost the same as not existing, in the eyes of consumers. If we don’t catch the digital transformation boat, not only are we not evolving, but we are even falling behind. E-commerce is gaining more and more popularity and, to take full advantage of it, having an online store is a great advantage. In this article, we’re going to cover 5 good reasons why it’s a good idea to start an online business!


1. Consumers are online.

Consumers are increasingly choosing to shop from the comfort of their homes, as it is more convenient, often cheaper and it is very easy to access a wide variety of products. So, wherever they are, they have access to many products and services without even having to travel. And if in the past there was some lack of confidence in online shopping, nowadays people feel safer doing so. There are several secure payment methods available and there is a lot of information available to consumers, as well as reviews from other customers, which contributes to people feeling less insecure.



2. Increased visibility and reach.

When looking for a place to establish a physical store, entrepreneurs generally give preference to sites with high visibility so that consumers can know of its existence and remember it regularly. And of course the best places are usually also the most expensive. Well, the same thing happens with e-commerce. Businesses can pay more to have their websites appear more prominently in potential customers’ searches. However, it is possible to make the site appear in a more prominent place in related searches in an organic way, that is, without spending money. This can be done through SEO (search engine optimization). This will also make the online store appear more in searches of people who may be really interested in the products or services offered, through the inclusion of appropriate keywords in the content. Most people only look at sites that appear on the first page of their browser – they rarely even go to the second page, which underscores the importance of SEO. Even paying for the website to appear higher, organic SEO is still important, so that you get the most out of the amount invested. You should therefore consult a professional in this area so that your store stands out in searches, which will also result in better sales. In addition to being able to use these strategies to gain more visibility, when creating an online business you will also be able to reach potential customers who are outside your geographic area.



3.Lower fixed costs.

You don’t have to pay rent, electricity or water to have an online store. The only “income” you have to pay is the cost of the domain (the address by which your business can be found) and hosting (space provided by a server). You will also incur costs with partnerships with banking institutions, in order to receive payments by debit or credit card, or with systems such as Paypal and costs with the creation of the online store itself – and you should always consult a professional to assist you, in order to guarantee good SEO and an intuitive and pleasant interface to use. Think of this cost as the “interior design of your store”. It turns out to be a much lower cost than what you would pay for the design and decoration of your physical store. E-commerce has much lower fixed costs than a physical store, so the operational risk of your business is greatly reduced.



4. Measurable results.

There are digital tools available, such as Google Analytics, that allow you to analyze your website traffic and compare it to your competitors. It is also possible to analyze the source of this traffic, the actions of users in your online store and monitor the conversion into sales.



5. Flexible schedule.

E-commerce always has fewer restrictions on hours than physical stores. In some business areas, customers can place orders online at any time of the day and, even if it is not possible to order at any time, customers can consult products or services whenever they want, not being limited to working hours.


If you were still having doubts about the advantage of having an online business, then the pandemic has clarified things. People started to feel even more secure in shopping online and are unlikely to abandon this habit.

Mariana Gonçalves
Mariana Gonçalves

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